lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2014

Grey´s Anatomy/ Anatomía de Grey

Hi everyone!
I´m gonna start posting the phrase Meredith says in each episode at the beginning and at the ending.
you know when a episode starts, not only in GA but also in others such as HIMYM or "Vive Cantando", etc., and the main character ttalks for himself as if he´s thinking out loud. Well, I really like when they do that so I´ve decided to write it down for you because I couldn´t find it anywhere as I looked for it on the internet.

Here is the first one:1x01

The game: they say either a person has what it needs to play or they don´t. My mother was one of the greats, me on the other hand I screwed.

So I made it through my first shift, we all did. The other interns are all good people, you´d like them I think, actually I don´t know.